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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Shocking one 46 year old man ( 6 inches height gain in 5 months )

My uncle has grown taller. Lol
I just can't stop laughing but I need to share this breaking news to all viewers lol.

1 year ago I told to my uncle Robert about Ayurvedic Urea to grow taller. So last week I met him in his house and I couldn't stop laughing lol. He has grown taller. He did bought the urea and used it like crazy. I just can't believe this. I never ever thought that a 46 year old man will use the grow taller medicine to increase his height. Wow this is crazy.

Anyways here it is... his before and after images. He gained 6 inches height and used the 4 inches powder. 4 inch powder to grow  6 inch Amazing.

My Uncle before using ayurvedic urea.....

My Uncle After using ayurvedic urea...

Thursday, April 5, 2018

It really works, Ayurvedic urea is a miracle : True review/testimonial

Post from a guy which I found online:

Ayurvedic Urea Reviews: -
Product name AYURVEDIC UREA from official
web address:- www.ayurvedicurea.com
their blog address blog.ayurvedicurea.com
their official facebook fan page is facebook.com/ayurvedicurea

This is my own personal review/testimonial, please read it. You will be so happy,,,
I have grown taller, Ayurvedic Urea is a legit product and it worked according to promised and claims made by the company and it’s manufacturers. This is something true and original stuff that can help you make taller no matter whatever is your age. I am 39 and I have grown 7 inches by using the 6 inches powder pack mixing it with 3 liters of milk everyday. I also ate many many chicken wings, cheese and calcium. According to science and scientific theory my growth was impossible but Ayurvedic Urea proved it is possible. The research team are genius persons and I am so happy today to write my own independent review about this height increasing medicine dubbed as world’s legitimate grow taller and height increasing medicine of all times. That’s a very true statement. Please do not waste money on scam products or duplicate products.

The five star testimonials you guys see everywhere about this medicine is real and done by hundreds of satisfied and positive users from around the globe. At first I doubted those users reviews but once I tried it myself and I saw I experience it worked I am now fully convinced this is the miracle pill a miracle powder, world’s legit height improvement stuff. I am 39 years old and It worked. So if you are under 18 I can guarantee you that you could grow up to a feet. Don’t doubt me just use it with additional nutrition and you will grow for sure. It’s my promise to you all..

Look, I am not trying to say that all other products available in the market is a scam but what I am trying to say those products available there won’t help you grow because they don’t contain those ingredients which can help you make taller and lengthen your bones. Those things found in those scammy supplements or pills won’t help you in reaching your dream height because that can’t happen without dhatrumurgasiniy herb. They are not magical pills or they won’t work as promised all you will be doing is lose your money to scammers who are hungry after your money and just waiting to make you their prey. I was 5.5” many years ago and that was truly my real height since early 1995 as far I remember. I though I was not growing anymore and My height was that’s it for a lifetime. And then what I did was continued 8 hours of exercises daily with loads of nutrition’s, 7 hours of continuous sleep and just because of that efforts I grew 2 inches in  a year. Can you believe that. My height was 5.7” then. I wasn’t still satisfied, I was looking for more and more alternatives. Nothing found. Lost lot of money , bought multiple fake products… life wasn’t easy. Now I am 6 foot 2 inches taller and this is only possible because of ayurvedic urea powder. I won’t recommend anyone under 18 and with growth plates open to use ayurvedic urea because you can still grow without any nutrition or supplements you just need to do lots of exercises and eat good foods with many nutritional values. That will help you in adding at least 2-3 inches height without any medicines. AU must be your last option and you should try AU only after you have reached 25 years of age not before that. Are you getting my point? Au should be your last resort.

Not everybody can grow 2-3 inches a year but if you are 18 years old or younger my suggestion to you is too remain in good posture, eat good nutritional foods, calcium’s vitamins and then do huge hours of exercise to gain inches. 

True height gain after you are 16 is possible with Ayurvedic Urea but I won’t recommend you to spend money in this product because it’s not worth at this moment specially for someone who is just 16 because you still have lot of time to grow naturally. Have you watched videos on youtube on how to increase height naturally, they focus on exercises and nutrition mostly foods so just do that. According to my experience and knowledge growth after 15-16-17 is highly dependent on how you sleep every night how correct is your posture and standing attire how much exercises you perform daily and most importantly what food do you take on a regular basis. Don’t break these beautiful habits and please for your own sake don’t watch television, don’t play video games don’t abuse yourselves so early you still have plenty of time to grow. Please utilize your teenager age because once you pass this age you will just regret.

Before trying ayurvedic urea I tried numbers of products , for example I tried the carob fire scam pills which didn’t work on me. I didn’t grew taller. I wasted my money.

I used the product carob fire for a period of continuous 190 days that is 6 months in total but the worst part is I didn’t make 1 mm growth. Infact I didn’t grow at all with caroba fire the scam supplement, which is waste of money.  I was 5 foot 7 I remained at 5foot 7 so what’s the point of that? To be honest the only reason I chosen to buy that carob fire is that to test whether it works or not and I really had nothing to lose coz it was cheaper at that time and everyone was trying so I thought why I shouldn’t give a try. Those product developers told me that they will issue me a complete money back if I chose to return or if I didn’t grow at all. Now you see as of now I haven’t received a money back or refund yet what a scam company is that? They are already shut down now and might be scamming to innocent buyers via different business name? You know growthmax that’s a scam as well. Don’t’ fall on these scams.

 Another review about growthflexv
Actually I bought this product as well and didn’t grow a inch. I am not going to lie gangs I was so much into growing taller those days I almost tried everything. Those guys told me to do take at least three pills everyday and I know that those idiots were playing with us because I researched online and figure out that if you take 3 pills of growthflexv it is going to do more harm than benefits, forget about increasing height. They are mixing those supplements with all rubbish calciums, vitamins and vitamin d stuffs. Too much of those pills will turn into a stone within few weeks of use so who is that foolish. I certainly found that too shady and told them to refund and they did which was good of them. Anyways my review is don’t try growthflexv. Try ayurvedic urea it’s the best. It’s legit and truly works.

So are you now serious about growing taller? Do you want a sure fire way to increase your height or spend your money on useless pills that don’t work? Please make a wise decision, don’t worry about money. Money comes money goes in. Invest wisely and reap your rewards.

Please see; - Ayurvedic Urea works and if you want to buy reserve it because it is world’s most rare medicine.

Have a good time!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Real Ayurvedic Urea Testimonial Dhatrumurgasiniy reviews my results I grew taller 4.3 inches Sharing proofs SCAM

Reviewing original ayurvedic urea (source to website) Hello friends from worldwide, Today I am sharing my real legit testimonial about Ayurvedic Urea pills wait not the pills the original 4 inches package powder version (which I bought few months almost a year ago from a local supplier) via my blog and I hope you would like it and share it to all. Please see I have grown 4.3 inches and within 116 days. Please continue reading my blog post. You cant miss this one. I am focusing on every aspects of my life via this post and you must read it if you are genuinely and truly serious about taking this medicine. It is a game changer but you must know how to use it how to take and avoid some common mistakes which could stunt your growth. You have to utilize your full potential and take this medicine with recommended dosage and use guidelines and once you do it you will achieve your goal guaranteed. There are many friends of mine who didnt took the medicine according to posted guidelines and they affected their height growth themselves. Dont let your ego hurt you, dont break rules just obey and follow them and you will grow taller up to 8 inches 9 inches with ayurvedicurea legit height increasing medicine. It is legit and I am the proof, please continue reading.. guys..

Are you aware of this medicine named as Ayurvedic Urea if not, just check out the official website that is ayurvedicurea.com they are the founder of this grow taller stuff and they have done good job so far. Not only good job they have done something which should be considered extra ordinary. They proved to the world that growing taller is not a myth anymore and it is genuinely achievable at any age. Those guys with the help of some top level researchers and scientist discovered a breakthrough herb in the jungle of Nepal which is known as Dhatrumurgasiniy(as named by them the official guys) which has the power to increase human height at any age but they strongly recommend the most appropriate age group who should take the product to be in between 13-45 age bracket only. The official team do not recommend this product to anyone who is highly infected by human immunodeficiency virus also known as HIV in short. Also, it is not recommended by them to be used by dwarfs, persons who are under 4.10. They havent disclosed the reasons so far but It looks like there might be some problem with dwarfs if they use the product like bone fractures in the future which looks like a side effect.

What is the ingredient in Ayurvedic Urea?
If this question is inside your head at this moment dont panic. The ingredient in Ayurvedic Urea is one and only DHATRUMURGASINIY herb. The powder version of urea consist of this herb powders and the liquid version is made with the powder by boiling them hard in hot water. Both powder and liquid works equally and guarantees results like 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches. The Herb version of this medicine guarantees you 3-7 inches growth and it is a longer process it could take around 11-17 months for you to grow up to 7 inches if you opt for a herb package. My suggestion to you guys is to buy the 4 inches package because thats the best package I could think of at that time and still now at this moment. However if you are dam short then you should buy 6 or 8 inches its up to you. There are some folks who are 6 foot tall and yet they arent satisfied with their height and want to grow even more taller like 6.8 and they buy 8 inches package that surprises me but its their wish if they wanna grow then let them grow why should I bother? Isnt it? Well, yeah itss true humans are not satisfied with what they got they just want more and more. The yearning of their heart is to desire more afterall we are social human beings.

How much did I grow with the 4 inches pack did it really work on me?
Yes it did work on me, I used the medicine according to the recommended guidelines and instruction manual and I grew faster than other folks. It took me only 116 days to gain a massive inches of 4.3 and that is my biggest achievement yet after I passed my 10th grade lol. Honestly my height was bothering me after 10th because I was a teenager at that time and all of my friends were taller than me and I was like 5.4 thats disturbing isnt it ? yes it is . Male with a height like 5 foot 4 is seriously not good one and you are looked at differently, friends make fun of you , you are called manlet and etc. I was bullied at college because of my short height nobody wanted to make friendship with me, I was almost paralyzed because I wanted to kill myself but later I changed my mind and accepted myself the way I am. Still I wanted to grow taller and no supplements worked, this is the only medicine that truly worked on me and it is the 4 inches ayurvedic urea package. I didnt grow 4 inches I grew 4.3 inches. Thats awesome.

How should you take this product?
This is the most important thing you must know by heart and understand the important consequences you could face if you dont follow the guidelines of appropriate doses. The official guys recommend you to take the powder with water or milk, the liquid without anything and herb with water as well. You arent allowed to consume beers alcohol or anything that contains alcohol in them. You are required to take the medicine every day and dont miss even one single day. It might stunt your growth and you will lose couple of centimeters if you miss it for  even a single day. It is dangerous to miss the daily dosage guys. There are countless story of folks who missed their daily dose and they stunt their growth they didnt grew up to the full potential ayurvedic urea promised and they accepted their mistake. Most likely you will lose 1 inch I guess not that much if you arent regular but 1 inch is also a great deal in terms of height so just dont do it. Follow the dosage daily, ok and you will do just fine. You will grow and make your life. Happy growing friends Have a great life ahead
My testimonial and review ends here

Also feel free to check this post

My proof Ayurvedic Urea review Does it really work or a scam Real results Legit testimonial A must read


My review about Ayurvedic Urea original 4 inches pack not the pills. To your reference the official webpage...

In this post I am talking about the following:-
1)   Introduction of this medicine.
2)   Its price
3)   Does it really work (my real testimonial)
4)   Final review and Conclusion

So what is ayurvedic urea and why does It work? Who created it and what are the real reasons behind it? Why is it considered worlds most rarest medicine, we will talk about it in this post now.
Ayurvedic Urea is a top medicine to help you grow taller and increase your height if you are above 13 years of age and under 45. The real question is that why is it so much exotic? Well, according to the official website of this product that is ayurvedicurea.com the herb dhatrumurgasiniy is one of the newest discovered species of plant that is very hard to find anywhere except the dense tropical Himalayan regions or forest of the country Nepal. Please note that Nepal is one of the poorest country in south east Asia and boost a population of roughly 30 millions but we shall never devalue a country just because of its economic condition, let  us not forget that Nepal is situated at the mountainous plateaus of the world and is home to several spices, herbs and vast amount of natural resources. What makes Nepal even more popular is Buddha was actually born in Nepal in Lumbini district. The word Sanskrit came from Nepal and was moved to India. In Nepal we can find several wild life reserves, flora and faunas, wildlife and many other minerals. You shouldnt be surprised that there are still many herbs and species which are not yet discovered and this particular herb known as Dhatrumurgasiniy is one of them. One more thing you need to understand is that this product Ayurvedic Urea consist of only one ingredient and that is Dhatrumurgasiniy herb. This medicine is guaranteed to make you taller by several inches and immediate side effects includes somnolence and dizziness. The following peoples listed below shouldnt use the medicine at all;;

A.   Dwarfs
B.   HIV infected persons
C.   Anyone who is under 13 or above 45

So, by now I have covered the basic part of the introduction topic, let us now move to its price.

Oh my God, the first time I saw the price of this medicine on the official website I was mind blown it was insanely highly priced and I could no way out afford it. It was priced at $70000 for a 4 inches pack and this is such a high amount I wasnt able to afford at all. I was just staring at the website and thinking if it was even real but since lot of guys and girls were already taking the urea and growing taller I thought of giving it a chance by borrowing money from my bank. I actually borrowed 70000 dollars and ordered the product. I didnt ordered the product from the official website rather I ordered it form a local supplier after verifying that the product was original and authentic stuff so that I could grow taller. The price currently stands roughly at 20k for a 4 inches pack, which is a real great opportunity for all newbies to grab the miracle product at such a downgraded price. You should hurry up and buy it coz you never know when its stock out. Now you must be wondering how I paid back the money to my bank, am I right? Well, I was working with a garage and I was making 7k a month so this way I could manage to pay the money back within 2 years. Also, I was working extra time and part time jobs. It was harder to pay the loan but I eventually did it.

Does this product really work?
Yes It worked. I grew taller. I have grown 10.922 centimeters which is approximately 4.3 inches you can google for this information as this is what I got out from my height measuring machine. It took me 116 days to achieve this goal. One thing I would like to remind you guys is that this medicine doesnt work for the beginning part of days like for the first week or 2 you wont even notice any changes or growth but once you are over with this timeline you will experience massive growth spurt and will grow magically. I was so worried because It wasnt working on me for 2 weeks and then after two weeks I grew 2 centimeters in 1 night that was the biggest amount of surprise I received. After 3 weeks I was already 1 inch taller. After 5 weeks I was 2 inches taller and after 116 days I was 10.922 centimeters taller. Its already been 1 year I took this medicine and the growth is permanent and no decline in my height. There is no side effects yet. Somnolence wasnt that bad. As a matter of fact I didnt experienced any somnolence dizziness at all. May be my body is like something else but thats great. I was doing work or taking the ayurvedic urea and no somnolence attacked me. It was a good news for me and I admired it. Hopefully you guys too experience the same and it will make your life easier because at least you folks can continue your daily jobs and study.

Final review and my conclusion
I want to end my review and testimonial here but before I wrap up this post here are some key things I would like you to point out.

a)   Do not buy fake pills or those poisonous ayurvedic urea from the market or any online sellers because those scam guys are supplying duplicate product which doesnt work and you will definitely be wasting your money and supplying your hard earned fortune to those scammers. I am talking this from my experience because at first I tried to get cheaper ayurvedic urea pills and it turned out to be fake and I didnt grew at all I wasted my money I was burned I was in pain. Later I came to know from a youtube channel that original stuff is legit and 100% guarantee to work. Then, I bought the original and now I am changed. I have grown and dream came true. You too could be taller but you must buy original.
b)  Do not opt for leg lengthening surgery because it is useless and you will have many long term side effects. If you are serious about growing the most natural way and proportionally just try ayurvedic urea original and it will make your life. I am the living proof.
c)   If you are buying from unknown sellers always verify UIC and SERIAL NUMBERS from the official website because this way you will be protecting your money and making yourself sure that you are buying is original medicine that works 100% guaranteed.
Final thoughts,

Good luck to you all and happy growing

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dhatrumurgasiniy rarest ayurvedic urea herb ingredients

What is dhatrumurgasiniy? wow what a long name and very difficult to pronounce at all,, looks like the founder of ayurvedic urea got some mind boggling itches creating this name for their product. anyways, dhatrumurgasiniy is the one and only ingredient of earth's legitimate grow taller and height increasing medicine named as ayurvedic urea. According to the main website i.e the official guys of the creator of this item, dhatrumurgasiniy alternate name is ayurvedic urea or vice versa. They also claims it works 100% of the time only if you could afford it.. Good luck folks.

price of ayurvedic urea legitimate and original

how much is ayurvedic urea original worth? how much does it cost? unsure about it ? well it starts at 20k for a 4 inches pack and the highest is 30k for a 8 inches pack, if you are lucky you could get hold of it or it's out of stock most of the years...



posting ayurvedic urea proof below:- submitted before and after pics..


Please stay updated, check out ayurvedic urea before and after pics which shall open your eyes..

Does ayurvedic urea really work or a big scam?

I will be posting reviews about ayurvedic urea very shortly, please hold on guys.. As of now It's a legit stuff to me.. 

why ayurvedic urea is a blessing?

how many of you tried ayurvedic urea and grew taller? how much did you spend? was it worth the investment? 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Hello buyers,
This is urgent notice to all of you. Don't buy Ayurvedic Urea it's a scam and you won't grow. Don't fall in this biggest con trick ever. Ayurvedic Urea doesn't work at all. You are just wasting your money guys please I beg do not buy this product. All reviews and testimonials proofs are waste of time. Come check this thing now.

ah huh.. Wait,, folks.. I was just kidding.... Ayurvedic Urea works guaranteed. The best legit medicine in the world to grow taller, invest wisely and reap rewards. All the best !!!